11 upcoming e-commerce events which you can’t miss!

If you are an e-commerce lover, you are certainly following all the market news. Do you know where you get the largest amount of the latest information from the industry? At conferences. Which ones are worth attention?

If you are an e-commerce lover, you are certainly following all the market news. Do you know where you get the largest amount of the latest information from the industry? At conferences. Which ones are worth attention? There is a list of the top 11 e-commerce events in 2018 and early 2019! Click To Tweet

1.Mobile Trends Conference for e-Commerce  – 13-14 September 2018, Cracow

This is a meeting that was conceived in order to cater to the expectations of people dealing in the digital marketing sector. The key topic that will be discussed is the popularization of the mobile channel in e-commerce. It is clear that the numbers of customers who purchase products and services has been constantly growing. The growing impact of m-marketing on sales performance is the reason why you should visit Poland. The conference will take place on 13-14 September 2018 at Best Western Premier Hotel in Cracow and will be enriched with the comprehensive lectures.

2. Dmexco Conference  – 12-13 September 2018, Cologne

Another stunning event that will be organized this year is Dmexco Conference in Cologne on 12-3 September 2018. There are plenty of premises that justify the importance of the above-mentioned meeting. First and foremost, Germany is the country which sets the new trends in the area of digital marketing. For this reason, you have the opportunity to anticipate future tendencies in the e-commerce sector, draw  inspiration from lectures held by experienced mentors in the e-commerce area. On top of that, you have the unique possibility to participate in one of the over 100 seminars in order to deepen your knowledge and understanding of technical issues.

3. Paris Retail Week  – 10 -12 September 2018, Paris

The event which will take place in the capital of France from  September 10-12th 2018 is called Paris Retail Week. The main theme of the conferences is “smart phygital”. Speakers will tackle this topic, analyzing how digital technology has been transforming retail market. They will also discuss the role of machine learning which underpins the abilities of artificial intelligence. This event is especially valuable for people who are curious about the influence which artificial intelligence exerts on e-commerce, and the future perspectives of this phenomenon.

4. Linn Academy  – 12 September 2018, Birmingham

An alternative which is worth considering is undoubtedly Linn Academy which will take place on 12th September in Birmingham. The staff of the event includes a lot of well-known personalities, such as for example Jeremy Miller — the author of “Sticky Branding”, as well as Danny McMillan who holds the lectures about effective sale on Amazon. The event is riddled with valuable tips and tools which are used by the marketing professionals. Numerous coffee breaks gives a lot  networking opportunities.

5. Savant eCommerce Stockholm 2018  – 18-19 September 2018, Stockholm

Furthermore, if you live in relative proximity of Scandinavia, you should consider attending Savant eCommerce Stockholm 2018 on 18-19 September without any shadow of a doubt. The speakers who will hold their speeches will scrutinize the passage from traditional marketing to marketing based on customer identity and the unique value. You will learn how to make the best use of this metamorphosis in order to gain new customers and broaden your business horizons.

6. Richmond E-commerce Forum  – 20-21 September 2018, Rimini

Besides, the other events of digital marketing which is worth highlighting in your planner is Richmond E-commerce Forum which will be held on 20-21st September 2018 in Rimini on the picturesque Italian coast. What is important, you will grasp a deep knowledge associated with creating a new business in the e-commerce area and will gain the opportunity to receive concrete business cooperation offers from the invited guests. Last but not least, you will get a chance to try out the best marketing practices established by the leaders of the industry.

7. Ecommerce Expo  – 26-27 September 2018, London

Another event worth mentioning in your calendar is the Ecommerce Expo, which will be held in September in London. Over 300+ experienced speakers will take part in the conference. During the two days of the event, over 250+ educational sessions will take place. What topics will be discussed? Omnichannel, cross border, delivery and logistics, customer and personalization. We will be there too! Our CEO, Katarzyna Janocha, will give a presentation on the subject “10 ways to boost your sales using customer intelligence”.

8. eTail Nordic  – 2-3 October 2018, Copenhagen

Besides, an important event which is planned this year is named eTail Nordic on 2-3 October 2018 in Berlin. The meeting is commonly known from a relaxed atmosphere which is conducive to gain valuable competencies and establish fruitful relationships. The event provides first-hand insights, cases as well as strategy examples. eTail Nordic is an opportunity to learn about the latest trends from the e-commerce market. The agenda of the meeting looks very promising. During the conference, we will listen to speeches on topics such as “Creativity should be at the heart of eCommerce: How to inspire your customers increase sales, and generate social media buzz!”, “The art of customer segmentation: With so much opportunity, choice and competition, how can we make online buying more personal?” and we will have the opportunity to learn from many case studies.

9. e-Commerce Show Short North  – 6-7 November 2018, Manchester

Keeping in mind the aforementioned options, you should not neglect the e-Commerce Show Short North which will take place on the 6-7th November 2018. The event is filled with valuable discussion. It will host over 120 e-commerce exhibitors and create the opportunity to take part in seminars that are held by leading professionals of the digital business line. Thus, it provides perfect conditions to ameliorate your e-commerce skills and build sustainable businesses relationships.

10. eCommerce Berlin Expo  – 20 February 2019, Berlin

It is a good idea to include in your personal schedule is eCommerce Nordic Berlin Expo which will be held in Berlin, capital of Germany, on February 20th 2019. This event offers visitors a rich program with the complete range of products and services essential to drive online retail performance. Registration for visitors is free. So, let’s order your ticket today in order to get to know products and solutions offered by more than 150 exhibitors and listen to 40 presentations.

11. eTail Germany – 7-8 March 2019, Berlin

Last but not least, i, it is also worth taking into account visiting eTail Germany which will be arranged on March 2019 in Germany. The aforementioned event has always provided the opportunity to discuss the ongoing trends in the area of marketing. The conference is marked with the broad variety of speakers, which is the reason why it triggers a lot of thoughts that may serve as milestones in developing your own business. The thematic scope of the event includes online marketing, digital engagement, customer acquisition and maintenance strategies, analytics, mobility, social contacts, e-mail, search, usability, design and others. The list looks impressive, right?

Let us know which conferences you choose. Maybe we’ll see you there and can high five!





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