7 email newsletters you should get in your inbox if you are customer care lover

TOP 7 newsletters that are worth having in your inbox!

Are you a “customer care” addicted? Do you want to keep up with the latest news in this field? Newsletters are a very valuable source of information. E-commerce leaders send an average of two to five e-mails each month. Over the year, this means dozens of messages, hundreds of offers and thousands of data. Which of them is worth reading? We have prepared a set of TOP 7 newsletters that are worth having in your inbox. Click To Tweet

1. Customer Think

Customer Think is the world’s largest online community dedicated to customer-centric business strategy. Do you know that each month this site is visited by 150,000 visitors from over 200 countries around the world? This popularity is not accidental. Customer Think is the best place to know customer experience and engagement, leadership, and technology topics. Here you can learn about customer-centric business management in blog posts, news, and interviews.

Each new subscriber will get free e-book after signing up for the newsletter. You can choose one of six topics:

  • Steps to Developing your Customer Care Strategy (e-book),
  • 6 Advanced NPS Strategies (e-book),
  • Transforming B2B Customer Experience: Five Steps to CX Leadership (recorded webinar),
  • Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI): Jobs-to-be-Done Theory in Practice (white paper),
  • Beyond the Chatbot: How to Design Conversational AI to Guarantee Repeat Business (recorded webinar),
  • How Plansource Uses AskNicely NPS with Salesforce to Transform Customer Relationships (e-book).

It sounds great, right? In addition, you will also receive e-book “10 Big Ideas for Customer-Centric Success”. Then, once a week, Customer Think will send you an e-mail with the 10 best educational materials.

2. eCommerce Fuel

This is a private community for eCommerce store owners. If you want to join this group, you have to pay a membership fee. In addition to the paid benefits offered by eCommerce Fuel, there is also a lot of useful knowledge for online store owners and customer care specialists. Podcasts, blog, forum and also a newsletter. As Andrew Egenes from shoplio.com said about eCommerce Fuel: “The in-depth and relevant discussions inside are an incredible resource for more effectively growing my eCommerce businesses”. It’s also a chance for you.

What you will find in eCommerce Fuel newsletter? Blog posts, podcasts, reports and case studies. These are valuable sources of insights from e-commerce, customer care and marketing tips, presentations of the profiles of e-commerce owners, guidelines for owners of new online stores. The form of the newsletter is light and pleasant. The content published in it is very practical. They not only present some issues in theory but above all they base them on real stories. Thanks to this you can learn a lot about customer service, values that have a positive impact on the development of your online business. Andrew Youderian, the eCommerce Fuel entrepreneur, and blogger, sharing his experiences with customer care and online business to help you find and grow your own one.

3. Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken has a lot to say in the field of customer service. His profiles on social media are followed by thousands of people. He is a customer service expert, author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He often also acts as a speaker. In daily work, Shep helps service teams create amazing experiences for their clients. He publishes many interesting materials on building a customer service strategy on his blog.

By subscribing to his newsletter, you can count on real “meat”. You’ll receive a weekly newsletter that includes customer service and experience articles, business tips and more.

4. CCW Digital – Customer Contact Week Digital

Why we recommend CCW Digital newsletter? CCW Digital is the global online community that provides the customer contact community with the up-to-date researches, analysis, tools, and techniques to optimize your customer contact operations.

The news you find in their newsletter is 100% practical knowledge. Interviews, case studies, podcasts, videos, online events. Everyone will find a suitable format for themselves. Without spending many hours looking for an information about customer care, you will receive it directly in your mailbox. Many managers of customer service centers contact CCW employees to discuss ideas, exchange best practices and cooperate with specialists in customer management. Thanks to this, messages sent in newsletters are based on real case studies.

5. Shopify

Do you know Shopify? I’m sure you do. It’s an e-commerce platform that helps entrepreneurs to enter the online world. The company from 2004, a team of 5 people working in a local cafe, has turned into a thriving enterprise employing 3,000 people working in 5 offices in North America. In August 2017, the Shopify platform served more over 500, 000 business in 175 countries. Running an e-store is not just about selling. It’s all about establishing relationships. Shopify, based on its 14 years of experience, provides its users with valuable knowledge in the field of e-commerce and customer care.

In the newsletter sent by Shopify, you will find a lot of practical tips connected with customer service. Guides, videos, success stories, interviews with experts. By subscribing to their newsletter, you can count on a daily portion of valuable information.

6. Help Scout

“Join 76,547 subscribers & get great research delivered to your inbox each week.” – here’s what you can read on the Help Scout main page. Their goal is to help customers build a company people love to do business with. Help Scout team know that personalized interaction with clients is very important. They share their knowledge on the blog. Currently, their posts are followed by more than 75,000 subscribers!

What you will find in the newsletter? Every week, your inbox will be full of information about customer service, growth and business culture. Their newsletters are full of useful information given in a very accessible way. Examples, quotes, statistics, comparisons, case studies. Reading them is pure pleasure.

7. Jeannie Walters – 360 Connext

Jeannie Walters is CEO and founder of 360Connext. She specializes in the customer experience: customer and employee engagement. Jeannie believes that little things can make a huge impact on business. She has 12+ years of experience and is a certified specialist in customer care. We really recommend you listening to her speech during TEDx.

On 360Connext blog you can find many articles about customer care and customer-centric approach. If you choose to subscribe to the newsletter, then you will be the first to receive information about new events, posts, and webinars. It pays for such a deal, right?

If you know other interesting customer care newsletters, please let us know in the comment.



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