Building love brand – a checklist to follow

According to Meaningful Brands, people wouldn’t care if 74% of the brand they use just disappeared. You do not want to be one of them, right?

According to Meaningful Brands, people wouldn’t care if 74% of the brand they use just disappeared. You do not want to be one of them, right?

Find your way to be loved by your customers, and here you have a little guideline from us.

Checklist for building a love brand:

  • Your brand has a PERSONALITY – every brand should define their ideal personality as the meeting point between who they are and what their target audience will best engage with in order to communicate their brand positioning
  • You have a REAL PERSON as a face of your brand – people are drawn to people in business which is an advantage smaller businesses have over their larger, better resourced competitors
  • You express AUTHENTICITY and PASSION in your communication – dig deep into your customers’ life, values, habits and share these with them. The hey is to build your whole activities around their world, thinking about them all day and night long
  • You select BRAND AMBASSADORS – hire and train staff who will be effectively representing your brand’s identity in appearance, values and ethics
  • You give your customers UNIQUE BRAND EXPERIENCE  no matter the product or service – the tougher it is to think of how you could create a unique experience for your brand, the more likely doing-so will make you stand out from your competitors
  • You build a PASSIONATE COMMUNITY – create your fans who will identify themselves as a part of a collective. They will share interests, values, personality traits, and construct their whole social identity based on your brand
  • You are always PRESENT for your  clients – devote serious time to upfront listening without distraction. Try to often interview your clients to better understand their motives, passions, fears, challenges, hopes and the most important their dreams
  • You UNDERSTAND what your clients are running from (fear) and what they are running to (desire) – Corey Blake (check this one out)
  • You create a genuine CUSTOMER CONNECTION – meaningful engagement through discussions, sharing and giving
  • You have and expresses a HIGHER PURPOSE of your brand and your activity – a social conscience is seen as a highly attractive attribute for a brand. Why don’t you leverage your „do good” status to build the kind of large communities of engaged and loving supporters?
  • You are EXCLUSIVE or offer something EXTRA for your insiders – people like to feel special. Try to show to your loyal customers that you have some kind of a special relationship and appreciate them for being your fan. You can do it by simply offering something hidden from the main menu 😉
  • Your CUSTOMER SERVICE is outstanding – personalized, which actually care about helping your customers and fully enjoy your products and services
  • You tell STORIES, and you do it WELL – brands that have an authentic story to tell have a strong tool for creating emotional connections with their audience
  • You always KEEP YOUR PROMISES  – customer love and loyalty are built on a foundation of trust; branding has been described as the promises you make about your products and services
  • You provide EASY ACCESS to your product or service – it’s super important to create time saving way to research, buy and get help whenever your customers need it
  • You keep your customer INFORMED – either of progress or explain the reason in case there is a delay or some other issue that occured
  • You keep your customers UP-TO-DATE – by listening, observing, and analyzing their needs you easily adjust your product or service to make them happier
  • You are SENSIBLE in your marketing strategy – make sure you provide your customers only with valuable information, do not spam!

We keep fingers crossed for your #LoveBrand.

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