Customer Intelligence Masters #1: Ian Rhodes from Ecommerce Growth Company

A bunch of information from Ian Rhodes – a Founder of Ecommerce Growth Company, with over 20 years of experience in helping retailers sell more products online.

Today, we want to present you a bunch of useful information from Ian Rhodes – a Founder of Ecommerce Growth Company, with over 20 years of experience in helping retailers sell more products online.

Ian is one of the top eCommerce experts that is successfully working with in-house marketers to develop the conversion strategy, master the tools and optimise the processes that drive profitable e-commerce growth. He simply helps businesses to achieve their goals.

We were lucky enough to ask him a few quick questions of a great interest. It is just a bunch of concise and clear information that you can absorb in less than 7 minutes, what is more, it is definitely worth reading!

See for yourself:

1. How did you come to digital and e-commerce world?

From the very early days, I was hooked on learning how the world wide web could help businesses communicate with a wider audience. In 1995 my university dissertation was on ‘Marketing on the Internet’. My first ‘proper’ job was as the Head of Marketing for a UK e-commerce startup way back in 1997. In the days before Google… I then spent time learning from the very best as the European Marketing Director at In 2004 I launched my own e-commerce startup in the music instrument industry. I sold the business in 2010. For the past 8 years, I’ve worked as an independent consultant to E-commerce brands.

2. What is the most common problem your clients face?

Without a doubt, a lack of focused growth strategy. Marketers are too busy jumping from tactic to tactic. Instead, they should be learning and understanding why people buy what they sell and then using that insight to create the foundations for their brand. Click To Tweet Too often e-commerce businesses act and feel like a product catalog with little attention given to the building of their brand. This leads to a continual focus on traffic growth and customer acquisition rather than looking at where the money is really made… customer retention.

3. Is there any golden rule or advice that always works?

Yes. Don’t constantly pursue ‘best practice’ advice. Your brand is unique. Your customers are unique. So… your marketing strategy should, too, be unique. Click To TweetWe have the tools and canvas to be able to inject creativity into our work. Something that actually breeds customer loyalty and a true sense of community within your own brand. Start figuring out what can be done within your own space rather than an over-reliance upon social channels.

4. What are your tips for becoming truly Customer-Centric?

Sounds simple, but really REALLY get to know your customer. Don’t focus in on what they buy from you, instead learn why they buy it. Ask questions. Be truly honest and open through all your communication channels. Give people a reason to inform you of their motives and learn how to market to people based upon trust rather than simple price.

5. How do you keep up-to-date with the latest e-commerce trends and new technologies

Mostly through Social Media. I make sure to subscribe to the email newsletters of the commerce technology providers I recommend and admire. It’s key for me to build relationships with those brands. I don’t have time to attend trade events. I do keep a close eye on the tech world through Twitter.

My favourite resources are :

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