How Netflix is Using Big Data; A 360-Degree Customer View!

It’s not buzzwords, but effective business tools.


Each time you go shopping, information about yourself and your shopping preferences are shared with the sellers. Many retailers analyze the data left in a very accurate way, and they can draw very surprising conclusions from them. They can even predict that a woman is pregnant before she herself knows the joyful news …

Imagine this. You are the parent of a teenage girl. For some time, your daughter has been receiving ads displaying babies products. A strange thing, right? As a parent, you can even feel indignation. How can company X run such a terrible advertising campaign, trying to get underage people to buy baby products? You may be surprised. You can even get very angry.

That’s how the father of one of a teenager in Minneapolis reacted. It’s true, this story really happened. The sales network Target used leveraged Big Data and a 360-Degree Customer View for very precise targeting of their advertisements. Low and behold, one of the recipients of their ads was a teenage girl. Her father stormed into one of the Target stores and complained to the manager that his daughter was receiving coupons for cribs and clothes for children by email. As it turned out, Target -and their data- knew his daughter better than he did. The girl was really pregnant.

How do large market players use data?

Target, like many other companies, assigned each buyer a unique guest ID that was associated with one’s credit card. Each time a user made a purchase at Target, Target attached this information to their Guest ID. In this way, the commercial network also received access to other data – the customer’s name and surname, demographic data, e-mail address, the history of everything they bought. Do you know what all this information is called? Big data.

It is estimated that from the beginning of existence until 2003, mankind has created five exabytes of data. Today, it takes us no more than two days to produce this amount of data.  Thus, Big Data was created to understand such a huge amount of information. Big Data is a general term that describes the process of collecting, cross-referencing and analyzing large amounts of various data sets from multiple sources. Based on this data, you can prepare a 360-Degree Customer View Click To Tweet – a personalized customer profile.

This data gives one precise knowledge about each of their customers’ characteristics, actions, and preferences. Therefore, you can better adapt advertising messages to individual stages of the customer journey. It is also much easier to generate reports on customers’ shopping behavior, determine their interests and preferred channels through which they most often communicate with the brand. It’s really not difficult at all. Most of the data is prepared for you by the customer intelligence platform. Take Care will help. Register HERE to get early access and test it completely for free.

How Big Data contributed to the creation of the House of Cards series?

Today, the largest market players like Amazon, Netflix and eBay use Big Data on a large scale. They use data to best respond to customer needs, reach them with a personalized offer and recommend products they are really looking for.

Did you know that Netflix analyzes when you pause, move back or rewind the movie, when you watch the most (that’s why Netflix knows that people prefer to watch TV shows during the week instead of weekends), where you watch (they have your postcode), what do you enter in the search field? On this basis, Netflix is able to assess how much the user has to watch the videos in order to remain an active customer and would like to stay subscribed. It doesn’t end there, Netflix also uses the declared user preferences. Have you noticed that they ask about your favorite genres of films and about rating individual films and series’ when setting up an account? Based on such an extensive algorithm, Netflix suggests to individual users what to see next. This is one of the most advanced recommendation engines in the world. Without using Big Data and 360-Degree Customer View it simply would not be possible. Click To Tweet

Moreover, without Big Data and a 360-Degree Customer View we couldn’t have watched a series that loves millions of people in the world – House of Cards. Why? Netflix also uses data to create new products. Analysts from Netflix  -based on the available data- noticed that people who watched the British version of the series also watched Fincher films and movies that Kevin Spacey is in. So, combine these characteristics and they were sure that the new series will be a hit! They didn’t make a mistake. House of Cards is rated a 9 out of 10 by 275,000 viewers.

How can you use these insights in your company?

“Put on your client’s shoes” – Put yourself in your client’s position. Think about how your product helps your customer, how it satisfies their needs? Thanks to Big data, and a 360-Degree Customer View, it is possible. Data collection and analysis provides valuable information about the users. With this, you get to know their world, customs, motivations, and beliefs. Click To TweetYou know what they are doing in their free time, and even what their vacation plans are.

Where does this data come from? From cookies, from visits to one’s website, from contact in social media, from subscriptions to the newsletter, from chat conversations and many other touchpoints between the customer and your brand.

This data helps you to:
  1. Build customer relationships,
  2. Create the perfect, customized customer experience,
  3. Cross-sell and up-sell wisely,
  4. Omnichannel communication management,
  5. Fast & efficient customer care,
  6. Instant access to potential customers,
  7. Influencer identification,
  8. Individual buying predictions.

Analyzing user behavior is your chance for better sales results. Customers want the process of purchase to be best suited to their individual needs.  Companies from the e-commerce industry, such as Euro RTV AGD, Top Secret or Leroy Merlin, use Big Data to personalize offers for a specific future client. With this, they can verify the potential business value of each user. Then, the sales departments can focus only on those clients who have the best chance of generating high profits for the company.

Be like Netflix and Target – take your clients under the microscope

The examples provided show that the use of Big Data, 360-Degree Customer View, and customer intelligence platforms like Take Care bring many possibilities. It is up to you what your purpose is to use the data and in what context you will analyze it. It is worth using modern solutions in order to have no doubt, or rather, no waste.

As John Wanamaker once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half”.


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