One simple trick to make people buy from you more often

No, no hint this time. Just read and implement.

Have you noticed that the majority (I guess 80-90%) of your customers are one-time shoppers? Have you also noticed that the following 10-20% – your returning customers “ actually make the biggest part of your sales? Now how about flipping that proportion upside down and make more people buy from you more often?

There is one thing you can implement in your sales process today, that will cause your sales to skyrocket forever Click To Tweet. It is called „remembering”.

In science we trust

The reasoning behind this strategy is based on human psychology and the basic needs of all people. Recognition, appreciation, self-esteem – does this sound familiar to you? Modern cognitive psychology puts the ego in the centre.

Each of us has a subjective reality in which he is the hero of his own personal drama. When this heroism is universalized, recognized by others – one feels stronger, and a more relevant member of the herd.

We’re all social animals, feeling loved by others tickles the deepest instincts and cravings in our heart. So where do we go from here?

Maslow pyramid | by Take Care

Start with the basics

The first thing to do is to take a look at your CRM or any other tool (like Take Care ), that gathers information about your clients. Start with selecting 10 of your clients who haven’t bought from you for at least a year.

Now focus.

Go through their history, see when their last purchase was, what did they buy, have they had any other engagements with your brand?

Look for unique experiences to touch upon. What are the moments you can celebrate together? What can you congratulate or thank them for – right here, right now? See some ideas below:

One year together?
One year since your last contact?
Birth of a child (if you knew somebody’s pregnant)?
Changing a job (to a better one)?

Data driven Customer Care 

Obviously the ideas you may come up with for interactions depend on the quantity and quality of information you have about your customers. The more unique, memorable experience you can address, the stronger message you send:

“I remembered this information, because I recognize you as significant.”

Such appreciation will normally be followed by gratitude and by a subconscious desire to give something in return.

Thus, when you have that piece of information and the whole story behind it ready… reach out. Write an e-mail, send a handwritten postcard, a small gift. Show your customer that you remember them, you remember about their story, about your experiences together.

One golden rule…no selling

Showing genuine care can have a huge influence on your customer’s future buying decisions. However, you should never, under any circumstance, use this occasion to try to sell anything. It will completly destroy the repoire you’ve built and will put in doubt your true intentions. Remember that your intention is to refresh and tighten the bond your client has with you. It’s as simple as that.

The experiment

Use this approach on 10 of your old customers each week. Feel free to do more, as long as it does not affect the quality of these contacts. Don’t expect customers to convert right away. It’s not like they will immediately (today, tomorrow) buy from you because you’ve written an e-mail. But, you can be sure that whenever they need something that correlates with your products or service they will think of you. And if you’re in business – they will come.


To dig much deeper into understanding consumer behaviour, go to Gregory Ciotti’s brilliant guide 10 Ways To Convert More Customers Using Psychology published on Help Scout. To learn more about other psychological issues influencing our purchase decisions, such as desire for control and information overload, read The Psychology of Personalization:Why We Crave Customized Experiences by Erik Devaney for Hub Spot and get their e-book How To Master Personalized Marketing.


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