Personalisation 2.0

The purpose of personalization in customer care is to find out exactly what the customer needs.


The purpose of personalization in customer care is to find out exactly what the customer needs. Click To Tweet

Personalization becomes more and more possible thanks to two converging tendencies. First, digital development has enabled companies to register more data about their customers (eg through cookies) and allows automation of certain processes. Secondly, mainly due to social media platforms, customers have become accustomed to sharing information about themselves and have been accustomed to transferring their data to companies. Thanks to this, it has become possible to create marketing messages strictly suited to information about users. It is an expectation of customers who say they would be happy to share data about themselves if the company will give them a personalized offer.

Tools a simple CRM system used to gather knowledge about clients and manage the sales process.

Face Cake a purchasing platform using augmented reality (AR) for remote testing and testing of products.

Barilliance allows you to dynamically personalize the content of your website, all based on specific segmentation of your target group

Take Care an application that builds a comprehensive view of the incoming customer that interacts with the brand, including communication history, preferences and shopping prediction.

GetResponse a tool from Poland used to personalize newsletters, news automation, conducting surveys and implementing campaigns

SalesManago a tool for creating automatic advertising campaigns based on personalized customer profiles. Sotrender allows among other things to meet your audience understand their behavior, then adapt the brand’s strategy and communication to them.

Experts advise

How other do it

AT&T decided to celebrate the achievement of two million fans on Facebook. Over 2,000 personalized videos were created, “thank you!” for fans. The company also introduced personalized videos attached to bills, which contained explanations for billing for wireless services.

Coca-Cola As part of the “Share your joy” campaign, in 2013 Coca-Cola introduced cans and bottles which included the top 150 names in Poland, as well as popular nicknames. The usernames were chosen for almost 90 percent of people aged 12-29. In the process of printing labels, names were printed in proportion to the popularity of these names in Polish society. Because consumers asked for adding less popular names, Coca-Cola at the most-visited points set up stands where you could buy a drink with a personalized label.

Iberia Airlines During the holiday season, Iberia Airlines customers received e-mails asking: If you could visit any place where and with whom you would like to go ? The link was redirected to a landing page in which customers typed their answers and e-mail address of the person they wanted to travel with. Soon after, the friend received an e-mail. After clicking on the link a card displayed your dream place.


Do you feel that companies customer service are compatible with your needs and expectations? N = 769

The most effective tactics for improving the customer’s lifecycle. % of respondents, able to choose from up to three options SOURCE: (KULBYTE, 2017)



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