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Customer service is now not only efficient answer to inquiries, it is also interacting with the client through social channels.

Customer service is now not only efficient answer to inquiries, it is also interacting with the client through social channels.

“Experts are sometimes called new marketing by experts. Brands are present on websites social networks – those that their clients use. Representatives of brands monitor mentions about themselves thanks to the use of monitoring software, are able to quickly respond to them in a transparent and understandable way. Brands also create their own content containing valuable information from the point of view of customers and share them on social networks.

Customer service is now not only an efficient answer to inquiries, it is also interacting with the client through social channels. Several years ago the idea was bantered about that customer service was the new marketing. Delivering an amazing customer experience gets customers to come back as well as refer their friends, colleagues and family members. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most, if not the most powerful brand strategies, and customer service is the way to get customers talking.”

Shep Hyken, Forbes


Brand24 is a Polish tool for monitoring social media.

SalesLift a tool for monitoring the Internet and engaging in discussion with clients, created by SentiOne.

SocialSprout a tool for managing content and responding to comments on social media.

TweetDeck a tool for managing content and publications on Twitter.

LinkedIn Sales Nagivator a tool for managing sales contacts on LinkedIn.

SocialWIFI ia s marketing service that changes free WiFi into a marketing tool allowing to collect customer data and analyze them.

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Brand24 is a Polish solution for Internet monitoring. Its owner, Michał Sadowski, is known for being extremely active on social media channels. The tool monitors online activity about your brand and immediately responds to them (eg. showing an important feature of the product, which sells – works in real-time). The tool also provides praise from satisfied customers. Results are divided into important steps, which not only helps in the development of the company but also in everyday operations. At the same time, results are always authentic and honest. This causes a constant buzz around the brand and interest in the brand offer.

CoffeeDesk is a Polish online store offering coffee, devices, and accessories for brewing. The company has two stores in which they sell, pick up orders from online orders and a cafe. On-site you can try different types of coffee. Coffedesk is active on social media – by interacting with clients on Facebook, they are able to initiate discussions and answers questions. The company also runs its own blog with tips and curiosities about coffee.

Pixel PR is an interactive agency dedicated to brand creation and developing its visual identity as well as preparation of websites and graphic design. The agency uses the Brand24 Personal Plus package, which searches for people interested in services from their offers and establishes contact with them. In this way, the company succeeded for example, in getting orders to create a page/ website.


Digital conversations that can create or destroy brands.

Consumers now have unlimited access to content online that can affect their decisions. Click To Tweet 71% of them are more willing to buy products which have positive ratings, and more than half say social media gave them more power as consumers. Percentage of consumers who definitely agree or agree with every statement.


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