Want to grow your sales results? Check 5 online training resources!

TOP 5 online services for self-study – check them now and improve the company’s financial results!

Regardless of whether you own a new startup or an e-commerce store that has been operating for many years, you have one goal that will never change. You need to increase sales. And you know what?  It always looks and sounds a lot easier than it is in practice. “How to increase sales” has more than 7 million searches on Google. Everyone is looking for a “golden mean”. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

TOP 5 online services for self-study will show you how to improve the company’s financial results. There are waiting for you, check them now!

Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online. Many categories, many topics, paid and free content. New courses are added regularly, also in the field of sales growth. What exactly topics can you find at Udemy?

  • Sales techniques for entrepreneurs,
  • Social sales techniques,
  • Techniques of effective communication with the client,
  • Persuasion skills and others.

Which free course is worth completing?

What about paid ones?

All courses offer on-demand videos, other supplemented resources, full lifetime access and certificate of completion.

2. Engage selling – Colleen Francis

Colleen Francis is a sales leader for over 20 years and President of Engage Selling Solutions. She is happy to share her experience and knowledge. On her site, you will find a lot of valuable information on improving communication and sales skills. You can also sign up for a free, seven-day intensive e-video course that provides advice for modern professionals in the field of sales growth. First of all, you’ll find a series of inspiring video materials here. At the start, we recommend:

All video content you can find HERE. There are 42 pages of films devoted to sales topics. This is a real video library of guides in the field of sales growth!

3. BusinessBalls

The BusinessBalls website offers many pieces of training in various fields – leadership, management, business. The offer of sales-related training also looks very interesting and covers everything from sales methods to selling techniques, partner sales, seven-step sales process, communications methodology, effective cold calling techniques, key selling success factors and many more.

In fact, you will find here 12 thematic blocks, each of them contains selected knowledge about sales growth. All for free. What exactly you can find out about sales growth at Business Balls?

  • 13 sales techniques,
  • Introductory sales letters,
  • Sharon Drew Morgen buying facilitation method®,
  • Cold calling techniques,
  • Sales research summary of key selling success factors,
  • Sales training and selling theories,
  • Trainee sales research,
  • Sales activator training and development games system
  • Consultative selling,
  • Sales development model,
  • Sales funnel model,
  • Monthly sales report.

The materials are prepared really comprehensively and provide you with basic knowledge in the field of sales growth. It is worth using all the thematic blocks presented on Business Balls. Then you will become a real sales master!

4. The Sales Board

This is a leading service that offers training and sales certification – both in paid and free version. The training material was divided into 7 thematic blocks:

  • 5 critical sales skills,
  • Sales skills assessment,
  • Sales skills articles,
  • Sales skills white papers,
  • Sales skills books,
  • Sales skills videos,
  • Sales skills eLearning.

Files for self-study, articles, material to download. With such prepared materials, you will quickly gain the necessary knowledge and increase sales in your company.

So far, the Sales Board has trained and certified over 400,000 salespeople from over 3500 companies. That’s really great result. Now you have the opportunity to join this group!

5. Rapid Learning Institute

Rapid Learning Institute offers access to over 70 sales lessons completely free. Each lesson lasts from 6 to 10 minutes. Sounds interesting, right? This form allows learning even for very busy people. 10 minutes a day is really not much. In addition, the service is “open” 24/7.

What topics can you find at Rapid Learning Institute?

  • Building relationships,
  • Presentation & communication,
  • Relationship building,
  • Sales discovery,
  • Services after the sale,
  • Loyalty & Retention.

The Rapid Learning Institute website also has many other free resources, such as newsletters, tutorials, and sample video training.

Do you want to become a sales growth master?

The sales managers always have one main task – to generate revenue. They care about introducing changes, inventing new sales channels, training sales teams. Obsession with finding another big “thing” that will take our organization to a higher level does not lead to the goal. If you really want to drive your sale to the next level remember about 4 things:

  • Sales strategy,
  • Frames – a framework that holds up your business plan,
  • People – take care of a team of people with appropriate competencies,
  • Process – make sure that it improves your sales team’s ability.

Specialist knowledge is needed to accomplish these tasks. As Colin Powell said that “success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence” - remember about it to achieve success in the field of sales growth. Click To Tweet


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